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Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Dietary Supplements

Collagen M.D.® collagen type I, II & III and hyaluronic acid professional, dietary supplements are specialized nutrition, formulated to help support skin, connective tissue, joint, hair and nail health.*

Drink your skin care with Advanced Connective Tissue Formula, a professional-strength, nutricosmetic dietary supplement with 12,000 mg hydrolyzed collagen and 200 mg hyaluronic acid (per 2 scoop serving) to support the natural mechanisms of the body that promote and maintain skin and connective tissue health.*

A nutritient-rich formulation fortified with vitamin Cfolic acid & vitamin B12 to promote tissue health and biotin to support hair, nails and skin.*

Advanced Connective Tissue Formula is free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, sweeteners and fillers.

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American Spa Magazine - Inside Job

American Spa Magazine - Inside Job

Discover how nutricosmetics can boost the health of your clients' skin ...

Topical skincare products play an important role in the maintenance of good looking skin, but a healthy skin matrix really has to start from the inside, says Al Quadri, president of Collagen M.D. Read the full article (PDF 847kb)

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